Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism

Bring back home the most beautiful souvenir from Banja Luka – a healthy and radiant smile.

In cooperation with the dental clinic Orthodent Chic Home offers a special convenience for all visitors from abroad who want to receive top dental service, but also get to know the city and gain new experiences.

Use your vacation as an opportunity to visit Banja Luka, enjoy your time in our accommodation, and bring a gleaming white smile with you.

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We have prepared different packages for you that match your specific needs and budget.

Basic Pack

This package includes a stay in the Chic Home Paris Apartment, dental examination, consultation with dentists and eventual restoration and preparation of teeth for further interventions.

You can chose you prefered way of dental examination:

a) Remote – If you live abroad, you can send a digital orthopan x-ray and some photos of your teeth, and then schedule a video call with the dentists. We value the time and money of our guests, therefore you can use the Viber application at the number +387 65 621 736 or at the e-mail address

b) In person – Visit the dental office and do a detailed examination. Personal examination is always a better option, but we understand that for guests from abroad, coming to the office more than once may be inconvenient.

Premium Pack

You already know what changes you want to make to your teeth, you have aleady done the first examination live or online, and you want to get your dream smile now - this package allows you to do that in a very short time (for example, placing crowns on one jaw can be done in 5 days). Also, a stay in the Chic Home Paris apartment is included in the price.

All Inclusive Pack

Are you looking for a comfortable stay in Banja Luka and shiny teeth without thinking about organizing the trip? This is the package for you. We will take care of booking your plane ticket, transfer from the airport to the apartment or rent a car, overnight stay in the apartment and complete dental service.

After the first consultation, you will receive an offer with the prices of your selected package.

For more information, write to us at the e-mail address, on social networks Instagram and Facebook, or call us at the phone number +387 66 235 814.